Website and e-commerce development
tailored for wine brands
(and other cool businesses too)

“I believe that any business must be viewed as a wheel with many different supporting elements, or spokes. If one of these spokes are broken or absent, the strength and functioning of the entire wheel is compromised.” – Raymond Noppé, Owner

By partnering with tried and tested specialist service providers, Raydius is able to offer a range of services targeted at one specific spoke in your wine wheel: YOUR WEBSITE AND E-COMMERCE PLATFORM

Our Approach

Websites and e-commerce have become a part of our daily lives.

In today’s competitive and convenience focussed society, an increasing number of consumers want to shop from the comfort of their own homes, especially for goods not available from their local stores, making e-commerce a flexible and convenient solution to increase direct to consumer (DTC) sales.

The wine industry is not exempt, and for wine brands looking to capitalize on this growing channel, having a modern, security-enhanced, user friendly website and fully automated e-commerce store can no longer be viewed as a “nice to have” or a luxury bestowed upon an elite few – it simply is non-negotiable!

Raydius Website and E-Commerce Design offers the wine industry a range of services to take the headache out of designing, implementing and maintaining their online presence.

Based in the heart of the Cape Winelands, we offer both once-off and ongoing solutions to sell more wine direct to your consumers.

Our Service Offering

Website Design & E-Commerce Integration

Fully responsive WordPress website, custom designed for wine brands, with an integrated WooCommerce online shop.

Domain Registration, Monthly Hosting & Care Packages

Optimal website and email hosting, and ongoing support to ensure that your website stays safe and performs at its best.

Digital Design, Copywriting & Translation Services

We can help you with the creation or translation of your product fact sheets, newsletters, blog posts & other web related content.

E-mail Signatures & E-mail Newsletters

Professional e-mail signatures for your everyday e-mail, as well as e-mail database management for newsletters and sign-ups.

Professional Photographic Services

Quality photographic services for new products / pack shots, wine-and-food , lifestyle, estate, restaurant, and aerial photographs.